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DJ B. Cheek

AKA Cheek0

Our mission is to set the stage for a multitude of environments that contain sound and musical enjoyment. Our style is subtle yet energetic.


DJ B. Cheek is a native of Hampton, Virginia.  He started dabbling in the DJ world as an early teen as Hip Hop was emerging, disco was dying, Chicago & New York House music was emerging, DC Go-Go was HOTT, Pop music was mainstream and Funk was the in thing.  He participated as a part of a Dj crew in High School and College but did get serious until 2006.  DJ B. Cheek specializes in pure blending of music to create environment and flow.  The preference is events that are family friendly.

Neo-Soul is a musical genre that fuses contemporary R&B, 1970s-style soul and jazz with elements of hip-hop. Neo-Soul music is essentially modern-day soul music, with contemporary attitudes and sensibilities. It differs from contemporary R&B in that it's obviously more soulful, and it also tends to have deeper messages and meanings. In general, Neo-Soul has remained almost exclusive to R&B outlets such as urban radio and Black Entertainment Television, but even the mainstream urban markets do not give this new and upcoming genre the notoriety that it deserves.  I have dedicated my style of music to exposing "Good Music" to people around me.  Enjoy!

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